E-learning content isn’t just text…
It’s a lot more

Whether you provide learning materials such as e-books, guides, online courses, or even blog posts and podcasts, you already know that this type of content isn’t simply ‘text.’ It’s a much deeper and more creative type of messaging.

E-learning comes with various facets and formats. And each of these formats comes with its set of rules, needs, and methods of connecting with your audience.

But how can you ensure that your e-learning materials are building that connection with your intended audience? The answer: TranslationPartner has your back.

e learning content

Experts who understand your subject matter content

As with educational content, understanding your subject matter content is essential in any translation process.

You know that saying? ‘If the translator doesn’t understand neither will the target audience.’ It’s 100% true. Part of our mission at TranslationPartner is to not only deliver the highest quality translation services for online education entities but also to collaborate with experts to ensure our deliverables meet and exceed your expectations.

Transforming the multi-layered e-learning experience into other languages

You already know that e-learning materials are different from other kinds of educational materials. Naturally, the e-learning translation process is equally different from other forms of translation.

The multi-faceted e-learning experience is hard as it comes with: Terminology and glossaries, Tone and voice over, Video content, Subtitling and transcription, Localization, Transcreation and much more!

But as a business, you don’t have to worry about all of this! All you need to focus on is where you plan to expand to next. Because TranslationPartner will take the weight and headache that comes with translating online educational materials and deliver content that’s ready for consumption.