Transcreation for Better Marketing Results

Writing marketing content that resonates with your target customers takes time and effort. Your team needs to have strong copywriting skills to write a short headline that touches the hearts of potential customers and speaks to their minds at the same time.

The same happens with content transcreation for a global audience. The translated text, whether it is a headline or a flyer title, needs to achieve the same results as the original text. That advertisement headline or flyer title translation needs to speak with your customers at an emotional level.

Standard Translation:

With standard translation, the linguist sticks to the source text. Yes, the translation shouldn’t be literal, but can’t deviate from the source at the same time. There is no space to change the meaning of certain words. The translation should carry the exact meaning of the source text.

Transcreation definition:

With transcreation, the linguist can create a new copy and deviate from the source words and meaning. The main job of transcreation services is to generate a translation that achieves the same emotional effect or carries the same marketing message of the source text, even if the words are changed.

Here is How the Transcreation Services Process Work

The standard transcreation process is a three-phase one. The same linguist can do all the phases, or a second linguist can be hired to improve the quality.

Transcreation Briefing

Where the linguist will understand the context of the text. The main part of the brief is an explanation of the source and the expected results of the transcreation.

Writing Multiple Options

The translator should provide different options for the source transcreation. Usually, they should give three options with different stories or angels.

Multilingual Transcreation

With +10 of years experience in translation and localization industry, we managed to build a network of trusted translators in almost every language. All of our translators are native speakers of their languages, have the right qualifications to provide transcreation services and deliver their projects on time. Plus, our completive rates for transcreation.

Transcreation Services in Dubai

Dubai is the hub of international companies that require translation and transcreation services. We offer our language services to companies based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Sharjah. Our Dubai-based translators can offer translation services for  a variety of industries, such as eCommerce, eLearning, marketing and other creative industries.

Which Parts of Marketing Assets Need Transcreation

Not all parts of the marketing campaign require transcreation services. Some of them just need a very good translation. However, a marketing asset with big headlines definitely needs transcreation.

Company Slogans

They need to be adapted to the culture of your customers. This can be achieved only by transcreation, not standard translation.

Advertisement Headlines

A headline in English may not work the same way in Arabic. The words may change and the tone may be different.

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