Localization Of An e-commerce application into 34 Languages

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localization of an e commerce application into 34 languages

About the Client:

The client is a company that facilitates the taxes and finance information for e-commerce store owners. They built an application to provide such information to their global customer base and to increase sales. 

The Objective:

The objective was to localize the client’s web application’s initial user interface into +30 languages to enable access to the platform for many countries and nationalities. 


The Challenges:

  • Collecting a team of +68 linguists
  • Translation into +40 languages
  • A Short time train the linguists
  • Linguists should be familiar with the taxes terminology

The Solution:

  • The localization team prepare the content in a friendly format for translators.
  • The recruitment team surveyed our linguistic team for proper talents
  • The project management team prepared video training for the linguists
  • A dedicated team of 2 project managers were assigned to manage the project.

How this was completed:

For over 2 months we worked together to complete the project following the below strategies:

  • Regular meetings to discuss the progress.
  • Preparing clear instructions in video and text format.
  • Implementing internal and client-side quality assurance.
  • Raising questions for any unclear points or terminology.
  • Reviewing the progress to ensure timely delivery of the translations.

The result:

The application’s initial interface was translated into 34 languages by qualified translators and proofreaders. The linguists had a solid background in localizing relevant content. The client was happy to launch the interface in 34 languages without too much hassle.