Complete Clinical Trials Translation Services

The translation process for clinical trials involves more phases than other standard translation projects, which makes sense considering its high value. Here are the main three steps used to translate documents of clinical trials.


Human Translation

The translation phase is done by our approved and tested medical translators. They are equipped with the experience and the resources that enable them to provide accurate translations.


Back Translation

This stage is done by native translators of the target language to see how they understand the translation provided in the first step. This will uncover most of the potential errors.


Linguistic Validation

This is where reconciliation and harmonization happens. The team will review both the original and back translation to see which one is more accurate.

Human Translators for Clinical Research Translations 

Any errors in the clinical documents translation can cause loss of life and/or legal consequences on the clinical study sponsors. For this reason, we mainly use human translators to translate the clinical research documents. No automated translation platform is qualified, yet, to translate clinical documents without an intervention from human translators. 

Our human translators are native speakers of their languages. This enables them to provide easy-to-understand translations that are appropriate for all types of clinical trial subjects. Also, they receive special training about the terminology used in clinical research translations. 

Clinical Trials Translation Services

Life Science Translation Services

TranslationPartner has been offering life science translation services for clients for more than 12 years. As it was one of our early services, we managed to build a team in +20 languages that provide translation for the below sectors.

Pharmaceutical Translation

These will be submitted to legal authorities for the approval of new drugs. That is why we take more care when translating pharmaceutical documents.

Healthcare Translation

Medical programs and healthcare documents are translated only by professional medical translators who understand the language used for this type of documents.

Types of Clinical Research Papers We Translate

  • Sample Case Report Form (CRF)
  • Drug Development Process Documentation
  • Informed Consent Form (ICF)
  • Clinical Study Protocol
  • Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Patient Diaries/Reports
  • Patient Questionnaires
  • Trial Monitoring Reports
  • Clinical Outcomes Assessments

Translation Requirements for Clinical Trials:

There are a few requirements when translating clinical research documents. These requirements will ensure a high level of translation quality for clinical studies documents. You can find more information about the requirements of translating clinical trials on this website.

Full Translation and Editing

A human translator and editor should work on the translation phase. Both should have enough expertise in medical translations.

Subject Matter Expert Review

An expert, who is not a translator, should review the translation to ensure it is accurate and makes sense to the study subjects.

Use of Clinical Terminology

Clinical trials use certain terms, such as “placebo”. The translation should use the common clinical terminology in the target languages.

Choosing the Right Team

Only use qualified life science translators that have enough experience in clinical research translations.