The Top Benefits of Website Translation Tools and the Best Options You Have


Language is the cornerstone of any means of communication, and it is an indispensable driver of business growth. Translation filled the gap between you and your customers as it makes it easy for you to turn your website into a multilingual instance.

Yet, a website translation is more complex than just traditional language translation. Website translation is a process in which we tend to adjust the website to a certain language to make it for local users to understand, communicate, and engage with their mother language and cultural preferences.

Website translation software makes it easy for website admins to translate the front-end content for websites, blogs, and e-commerce platforms without breaking the back-end code.

Website Translation Software Simplified

Website translation is a daunting challenge for most businesses. Besides having a qualified translation service provider to localize and ensure that your website is culturally suitable and fits your target language, you also need to consider some technical considerations and translation tools that promote your global presence.

Website translation software refers to the tools that website admins use to localize and translate the front-end website’s content. Website translation technology typically leverages machine translation power to front-end website’s content to generate an initial translation. Most importantly, the best website translation software provides more additional features such as in-text editors and quality assessment to improve and refine the generated translation quality.

Top benefits you can expect from website translation technology

Businesses rely on website translation technology to ensure clear communication between them and their clients and partners’ networks.  A recently published survey showed that the number of money businesses spend on translation reaches $45 billion.

Besides saving money and time, website translation technology provides a wide array of benefits for businesses such as:

  • Increase productivity of human-made translation

Website translation software can’t replace humans, but it can increase the productivity of real translators.

  • Automate the translation of repetitive segments

Website translation technology provides features that help improve translation speed and quality. Moreover, the repeated texts can be translated accurately the same.

  • Boost collaboration between involved parties

New content is automatically detected, translated, and displayed on your site. One single interface to manage your website translation while collaborating with your team members and assigning different tasks and roles to your translation project.

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Our Recommendations for the Best Website Translation Software

Best-in-class – website translation tools can do the translation process with a decent amount of accuracy. To help you pick a good solution for your website, we will put in your hand the top five website translation software you can rely on to ensure the most possible professional website translation.

  • Memsource

Memsource provides the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to your translation workflows. Memsource’s cutting-edge features help translators and project managers quickly make sense of the data for more efficient translations. It provides unmatched machine translation quality, automates translation processes, and integrates with a wide range of tools you are using, such as WordPress, Zendesk, HubSpot, Marketo, Git, and more. Prices start at $27, and it is available on the cloud and comes with a desktop version. You can try the free trial from here.

  • Transfex

Transifex is a cloud translation management system that makes it easy for businesses to translate a wide array of content such as websites, apps, games, subtitles, and more.

It integrates with the development process, apps, and service providers. You can add many collaborators to a certain project so you can speed up your website translation process. Prices start at $70, and you can try the free trial from here.

  • Phrase

Phrase is a website translation application that leverages high-quality website translation services. The system is designed to amplify all website translation processes where you can easily integrate it with a wide variety of APIs such as GitHub, WordPress, and GitLab. It provides many features designed to enhance translation quality​ and ensure consistency, such as integrated Glossaries, TMs, Context Editor, and much more. Prices start at $23/month, and you can try the free trial from here.

How do I translate a website content?

  • Connect your website with a translation software that integrates with the backend
  • Create a glossary for the common terms to ensure they are consistent
  • Develop a style guide for translators to ensure they use the correct style.
  • Work with professional translators, not a team member.
  • Test the website before you launch it for functional and linguistic issues.
  • Weglot

Weglot provides streamlined and flexible solutions and guarantees best-in-class multilingual website translation. It empowers team collaboration and supports machine translation with a professional manual review, where you can simply edit, enhance, and approve the translation.

Prices depend on the number of words and the number of languages you would like to translate. It starts at €8.25  per month for one language and up to 10,000 Words. You can request your free trial from here.

  • Lokalise

Lokalise is a translation management solution that empowers collaboration and enables agile teams to translate their digital content from one place. Lokalise makes it easy for translators to translate files with different formats (. XML,. strings, .json, .xliff, etc.), build advanced translation workflows with customized tasks and workflows. It comes on top of website translation technology that Integrates translation into the deployment and development processes. Lokalise pricing starts at $90 billed annually or monthly, and they offer a free 14-day trial. Try it from here

  • Gtranslate

GTranslate is a flexible multilingual website translation WordPress plugin that seamlessly connects to Google translate and can translate any supported language. It translates the entire website, including pages, posts, categories, tags, menus, widgets, and plugins. Moreover, it integrates with SEO tools and Google analytics.

They have a free version with limited features and offer more advanced features starting at $8 per month. You can try it from here.


Technological innovations have led to disruptive developments in the translation field as a means of communication. Website translation technology plays a pivotal role in increasing productivity and enhancing the quality of website translation. Innovative translation tools allow for better communication and collaboration and ensure a streamlined translation process.

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