A Happy Client Worked With Us for 12 Years!

This an interview made by Sherif Abuzid (the director of TranslationPartner) and Julia from ACTC Translation Services. They have been a client with us for more than 12 years.

Main Takeaways

During this we talked about how does Julia chooses her translators, and why it’s not only about the price offered.

She has been working with us for more than a decade now, why did she stick working with us. Julia explained four reasons why did she.

Also, I asked a question why did she trusted us to work on languages other than Arabic, which is our native language at TranslationPartner.

  • #1: Who is Julia

She has been working with ACTC translation center for about 15 years. The company offers translation, interpretation and transcription to government and private clients. The main language pairs they offer are Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages.

  • The Three Criteria She Uses to Choose a Translator

I asked Julia how does she chooses her translators? She answered that, based on her 15 years’ experience, there are 3 main factors to consider:

#1: Reliability: It is about communication level you have with the translator. How fast do they respond to your queries? Also, do they deliver the translation on time?

#2: Quality: This is important. Time can have an impact on this, but still quality shouldn’t be compromised. If it will be, then the client needs to know.

#3: Price: The cost needs to be reasonable to make everyone happy.

  • Why Made Julia Stick to work with us for more than 12 years:

The communication: She feels comfortable when working with TranslationPartner. She is sure that the team will do their best to do the job. If we can’t do a great job, we will just let her know that we can’t do it.

Easy to Talk with: Julia feels that TranslationPartner is easy to discuss with when it comes to the expected level of service and deadlines.

The Quality Provided: We have been working with Julia for a very long time. I hardly remember If we had a quality issue for more than 12 years. Maybe 2-3 times, which is not bad for this long time.

We are a team: The company is now longer a freelancer-based company or a one-man show. We have a team of translators and project managers that can support Julia in many languages and provide the same quality level across all languages.

It is not About the Price: Julia thinks that there is no point if you offer a low price, but the translation quality is not good as expected.

  • The Reason Julia work with TranslationPartner in Different Languages

Sometimes She needs to translate one project into different languages, so it is easier for her if we can manage more than one language at a time. It is easier for her to communicate with one touch point that handles many languages.


This was a nice chat to have with one of our oldest clients. This helped us know more why Julia likes to work with us as a company that supports her in different languages. We talked about how important are communication and quality when it comes to choosing a reliable translation services supplier.

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