Professional Technical Translation Service

Translation Partner helps you to dive into a world of technology and success.

With Technical translation at Translation Partner, you are now able to master your business, convey your message, and reach a huge number of target audiences. 

Technical Translation Service with Translation Partner helps you in getting your place in the economy world and catching the best opportunities in the global market which means you will expand your business internationally and communicate with other nations. 

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Translation Partner Different Types of Technical Translation

 Translation Partner is your partner through your journey of success whatever your technical type is. At translation partner, you will find the answer to any of the technical translation types needed in more than 50 language pairs including English <>Arabic, French <> Arabic, German <> Arabic, and more. Types of Professional Technical Translations available at Translation Partner include:

Translation Partner Qualified Technical Translators:

At Translation Partner, we understand the importance of technical translation and the difference between each technical translation type and skilled translators. Therefore, we choose our qualified professional technical translators carefully.

  • Language Knowledge: The number one skill each technical translator at Translation Partner should have is language knowledge. Thus, we work with native speakers and experienced translators who guarantee quality and error-free technical translations.  
  • Research Skills: For more qualified and accurate translations, our technical translators have a wide knowledge of how to search for the right terminology, thanks to their in-depth understanding of the technical materials. At Translation Partner, Our skilled technical translators are the best at conveying the concept of the source into the target language as desired.
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  • Skilled Specialized Translators: Professional translators, in general, are not as same as the professional ones in technical fields. Specialization does matter! At Translation Partner, we promise you to get the skilled technical translation for your document within the specialization needed. Technical Translator for medical devices varies from another for software materials, and so on. With Translation Partner, no worries are needed, Success is guaranteed. 
  • Technology Knowledge: Technical translators, at Translation Partner, are skilled enough to use computer translation tools (CAT tools) to create term bases, glossaries, and Abbreviation guides, So that they can translate your technical materials, easily and quickly as well with keeping the original format, producing clear and understandable translation to satisfy you. 
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Why Translation Partner is Your Safe Choice!

Translation Partner is a trusted company in the translation industry, we are committed to delivering quality, accurate, and clear technical translation service. We promise to offer:

Clear and Accurate Translation

Thanks to our experts in technical translation, we are qualified to deliver clear and accurate technical translations free of errors to satisfy you and be easily understood. 

Quality Assurance Process

For better quality and error-free technical translation, Translation Partner works in line with international standards to ensure quality control measures such as proofreading, editing, and technical linguistic examining.

Fast Delivery and competitive prices

We know that time is money, so we deliver quality translations within the agreed time schedule or even earlier in addition, we offer exceptional price plans to satisfy every client.

Technical translation is the best way to convey your business message in understandable words to spread in the business market. In addition, Technical Translation is considered one of the complex types of translation that needs specialization and accuracy. Technical language is an industry language aiming to market any business, regardless of its field. In other words, technical translation includes a variety of specializations under its umbrella. 

Literal Translation is a direct translation, which is a word-to-word separately translated, while Technical translation is the specialization of different industries, how to use a certain device, regardless of its scientific field. This means Literal Translation produces non-sense translation, and difficult to understand the target language. You may wonder what that means to your brand! 

Mistranslation will simply cause embarrassment and serious problems for your brand. Literal translation can also expand the gap between your brand and your target audience.  Many examples of Literal Translation caused a lot of damage for certain popular brands such as Mercedes Benz, Ikea, HSBC Bank, and others but they were shortly realized and solved the problem.

Technical translation is important for clear communication, regulatory compliance, global market expansion, building trust, and ensuring safety.

It enables businesses to effectively transfer technical knowledge, instructions, and information across language barriers, contributing to the success and growth of industries in an increasingly globalized world.

Scientific translation is deeply connected to the science field which targets a specific type of people with a specific language. It mainly used academic and theoretical language to produce new findings and scientific approaches. This scientific writing targets students, researchers, doctors, and any person who specializes in biology, environmental bioethics, pharmacy, and more. Therefore, the scientific translation includes Trials, Scientific research, and Textbooks.

Technical translation, in brief, means translating different scientific manuals whether it’s a medical device or mechanical one. Technical Translation Service, at Translation Partners, aims to give every client or business owner, the quality and skilled language of their dreams.